An Opportunity to Sell You Designs in Renowned Platform!

by Baby Comfort on Aug 06, 2021

An Opportunity to Sell You Designs in Renowned Platform!

India is a land of art. Since the times of yore, artists, craftsmen, sculptors, etc. have flourished in the country and enjoyed the patronage of art connoisseurs. Their creations still stand today as a silent testimony of their brilliance and speak volumes about a golden bygone era. From the brilliant motifs on the walls of Tajmahal to the cave paintings at Ajanta, the brilliance of these creators are scattered all around the country.

But things have changed. As per the All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE), during 2019-20, 10213 students graduated in fine arts. However, many of these graduates could not use art as their primary vocation. But, this statistic is not unique to India. Most of the students graduating in fine arts across the world are not able to take up art as their primary vocation.

The problem as it appears is a lack of opportunities. Moreover, most artists are unable to market their artworks effectively. At Bebecomfort, we thought of addressing this issue. Thus at Bebe Comfort, our mission is to offer you (artists) a platform to directly sell your design and artworks to our customers. In pursuance of our mission to improve the lives of all our stakeholders, our customers in future will have the freedom to choose amongst the designs uploaded by artists on our portal.

Every time a customer chooses your design, we pay you for the same. Thus, by listing your artworks on our portal, you not only get free branding and visibility but also create the possibility of future earnings. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to unlock the true potential of your artwork. Fill this form and sign up now!